On Growing Apart and Finding Closure

As we grow up, we have come to understand that people grow apart sometimes. As we near the adulthood, we no longer have enough time and energy to keep everyone close to us anymore. Those who used to sit next to us during high school days, lovers we used to see everyday during college, or co-workers who started together but have now moved to different workplaces. These people who used to be part of our routine, are now nothing but happy memories (or painful) and occasional chats of "Let's hang out sometime soon" that never really happens. I, for one, is a true believer of that.

There will come days when out of the blue you think of those people, nights when they randomly show up in your dream. And you can't help but feeling a little miserable for missing them and the good times you had together.

I had a dream about someone who used to be my regular go to person, when I clearly did not think about them before going to bed. I woke up with such mixed feelings. Some of me wished we had parted ways on a better note, that we both had closure before closing our chapter together. While some of me was kind of feeling guilty of even thinking about this person when we both have built a new separate life with our new go to persons.

If somehow we had a chance of sitting together again one day, I would like to let you know how grateful I am to have shared some of my best years with you. Thank you for loving me in a way that you did, for showing me I was worthy of that kind of love. Thank you for accepting all my flaws, which I initially thought was what I wanted, but later on it actually teaches me of what I actually need, for someone who tolerates my worst behavior while assuring me that I can and must strive to do better. 

I'd like to think that my heart is big enough to store everyone I came across with.
And even though we both have grown apart, the room I made for you will not be entered by anybody else. It will always be yours.
Thank you.


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