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A friend of mine says that winning does not necessarily come with a trophy. But as long as you work your butt off and simply be a kind person, I think winning as well as the trophy might come to you. This is a group of hard workers with hearts of gold and they truly deserve both the winning and the trophy! Universitas Jenderal Soedirman untuk Piala Bulaksumur 2012!

How Soon is 'Soon'?

I have been thinking about Monroe lately, like I always have. I have been missing everyone I know in Monroe. My Mom, who often missed dinner for various meetings she had to attend. My Dad, who was always the first person to take a shower in the morning and took me to Skyline if he didn't have time to cook dinner. Ben, who was only home for Thanksgiving and Christmas but was always the nice and mature and smart and cool and sophisticated brother. Gabe, who drove me to school everyday and let his pillow get wet of my tears that one night when I was broken. Hannah, who thought my room was always neat and every now and then got excited to show her room after she cleaned it up. Alison was one of my very first friends whom I met in the sports med class and thanks to her, I didn't have to have lunch all by myself that second day at school. Hannah was always freaking out whenever I told her stories, whatever story. Courtney was the smartest American friend of mine who was there for