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On Being Inconsistent and Unfortunate

Last new year I made a resolution to write something on this blog at least twice a month. A post on the beginning of the month just to kind of lay out my plan and target for the next thirty days, and another post on the end of it to see if I actually made my plans happen. How did I do? I failed miserably. The first three months I think was the easiest to keep up with my resolution. But then I was busy wrapping up my thesis, graduating, being unemployed for a couple of months, moving back to Jakarta, and trying my absolute best to survive in the work environment. Without hesitation, a new year comes around and there goes my writing resolution. I used to have a journal where I successfully write every now and then. I occasionally read my earlier writings, and more often than not, laughing at how desperate or hopeful about life I sometimes become. Time and time again I thought of writing. On this blog. I am aware of the fact that I am not the sensational writer that people lo