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frequently asked questions :D

jadi selama 4 bulan saya jauh dari rumah, banyak sekali orang2 yang (alhamdulillah) masih peduli sama saya dan terus2an menanyakan pertanyaan ini. kadang pengen ketawa dengernya, kadang pengen diem aja bosen ngasih jawaban yang itu2 mulu, kadang berasa asik kayak di tasik, kadang kepikiran buat share, jadi saya post deh haha. 1. "ya ampun ichaaaa... kamu apa kabar?" haha baik alhamdulillah, kamu gimana kabarnya? 2. "gimana di amrik enak ngga?" yah ada enaknya ada ngga enaknya lah namanya juga hidup. dibawa asik aja gw mah. haha gaya. 3. "ih disana bisa main salju ya?" haha iya warnanya puith kayak es serut gitu lho. dingin lagi. (ya iyalah) 4. "katanya gendut ya sekarang?" haha aduh sensitif nih pertanyaannya. iya udah naik 8 kilo sejauh ini haha. 5. "eh disana banyak bule ganteng ya?" yah ada yang biasa aja kok. ngga semuanya se hot taylor lautner bahaha. 6. "kapan balik?" aduh baru pergi bentar ud

120809 - 121209

august 12 2009 : i just got off the plane, i was wondering what kind of 'face' should i put on. but i didn't have enough time to think about it and there they were. my mom and my sister. so i guess my face was like, umm dead? after spending too much time on the plane. haha. it was super weird to realize that from that day on, i really had to speak in english no matter what. and, yeah as i said, it's weird. i remember our first conversation was about how i was amazed to see the sky. monroe is that kind of small city in which all you can see is just corn field and sky. not even kidding ;) september 12 2009 : for some reasons i cried when i woke up that morning. i just turned 17, 5 days before and that morning i was thinking how my life had been like that month. i won't lie that i used to cry every night on my first week. yeah call me crybaby or whatever. but that's the truth. i've never spent more than 3 days without my mom around before this '

a whole new world

first off, SORRY it's been like forever guys. too many things were going on these last couple months. ( what a great excuse haha ) well actually i was just looking for a topic. an interesting one, so you guys won't get bored easily when you read this post. anywaaaaaaaayyyyyyy... CAN'T YOU BELIEVE IT'S ALMOST DECEMBER? which mean my fourth month kind of anniversary is coming up? haha. geeeezzzzzz.. if only i could find a word to describe my life now. It's been freakin amazing, if it helps lol. school has been great, pretty good grades ( thank god :D ), homecoming, football games, halloween, thanksgiving. and even my everyday life which really gives me an opportunity to learn something new. well, i don't think that even a 500-pages book will let me tell my story as a foreign exchange student here in the land of america. one thing i notice for sure, i'm turning into a really different person as time goes by. i feel like, even bad things that had h