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On Making Money Instead of Chasing Career

My first official job was the one I am still at today. It has almost been five years since I signed my contract, which actually ended last year. My first days at the office, when I was young and hungry for exposures, I was dying inside that I had this three-year contract that did not allow me to resign unless I was okay with paying fine. I guess the young me felt somewhat trapped with that kind of commitment. I kept asking, what if I woke up one day and I wanted to do something else?   Waktu pertama kenalan dengan orang-orang di kantor dan sadar bahwa lumayan banyak dari mereka yang bekerja untuk perusahaan sejak masih gadis dan kini hampir pensiun, I had a hard time understanding that. Kok betah banget sih? Yes, you can get promoted to higher position or moved to different departments. But spending your whole adult life for a single company, how? Halfway through my contract I was diagnosed with cancer. A living nightmare, physically, and even more financially, if you are not privilege