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You Can't Lose What You Never Had

"I've got no fear of losing you; you can't lose what you never had." One of the most beautiful life lessons from the ultimate boyband of all time, Westlife

Give The World Your Best and It May Never Be Enough: A Random Reflection on How People Get So Judgmental

A few days ago I was in the middle of something that was actually very useless and yet I was doing it anyway. In my defense, this thing that I did is not harmful to anybody, can somehow entertain me, and a lot of people do it everyday anyway. See how I turn an 'a lot of people do it anyway' to a justification of shameful things that I do? Ironically funny. I myself am not a big fan of people that do some wrongs and misuse the phrase to stay innocent. However that is not the intention of my writing today, so maybe I'll get back on that subject later? So what is it that I was doing a few days ago? It's as simple as going through someone's Instagram account. This account happens to belong to a male public figure whom I find quite hilarious. I have rolled on the floor laughing over some of his videos previously and I hoped for the same thing when I 'committed my crime'. I scrolled a few pages of his account and stopped at a video featuring the public figure