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When You Know, You Know

Growing up, I was always wondering when the time would be for me to meet The One. I know a lot of young girls grow up and become a completely developed mature woman who has other dreams and priorities, instead of focusing on just finding Her One. I, on the other hand, keep that wish with me all through my teenager life up until now, when I would define myself as a woman. I still wonder when the time is for me to meet The One. Who exactly is, The One? The woman/man of one's dreams, the soulmate, or the love of of one’s life, as cheesy relationship articles always refer to. When do they come around? How do we know that they have come? Time and time again, I always hear people say: when you know, you know. When The One God created for you comes along, you will know. But technically and realistically, how do I know? Is he The One if I feel butterflies in my tummy when I am with him? Is he The One if he continuously inspires me to write beautiful poetry of how won