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On Perfect Marriage

On January 16th 2020 Masyan and I celebrate the fourth anniversary of our partnership. Yes, I just used the term partnership to try to sound more professional, instead of frankly and hopelessly said "the fourth anniversary of being boyfriend and girlfriend" . As a matter of fact, this is our first January 16th where we have been officially married. So yeah, we both come to the point of asking each other, do we celebrate our partnership on November 10th now ? Which was our wedding date and not make a big deal about January 16th anymore. Or do we celebrate both ? Which gives us one more excuse to go on a fancy date and eat somewhere nice :p On a more critical note, I would like to take this time to just sit down and write wonderful thing about being married. Due to work related reason, we are still living in two different cities for the time being. So whenever he comes home for the weekend and we get to spend time together, it somehow still feels like a honeymoon. Yes, I d