My Favorite Conversationalist

I love conversations.
Not the shallow ones. 
The one about the weather or the politicians, the one I have to half-heartedly make during short trips with the taxi drivers.

Doesn't even have to be deep, comprehensive, mind blowing one. Packed with statistics and numbers, facts and figures.
Anything impromptu, out of the blue, where minuscule details flourish to remarkable conversations on just about everything. Anything, at all.

Those conversations I have with you. I love them all.
The one where we argue when the most effective time to pick our nose is.
The one where I pitch my favorite countries on beauty pageants.
The one with your delightful music playing in the background, which is another thing I love about you.
The one we have while we drive nowhere, just being, drifting, savoring the company of each other.

Wouldn't you want to know?
What it would be like to grow old and have nothing left but an endless conversation with me?
I would.

I know we'd drive each other mad with wacky theories and laughable nonsense.
But me being me, and you being you.
I have grown a soft spot for that.

Come to think of it, we have had a non-stop conversation for almost four years.
Doesn't even feel like it, does it?

Wouldn't you want to know?
What else is there in store for us to converse about?
I would. 

The ones we had in the past
The ones we go through as we speak
The ones we are about to treasure in the future

If it's the only thing we take away and keep in our hearts forever, I will choose you.
You're my favorite conversationalist.


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