Read This If You're 23 and Lost

I have always been a big fan of Thought Catalog. It's a platform where a bunch of different writers express their ideas and somehow communicate with people across the borders who read their articles. Most of the time I can definitely connect with the writings, where at the end of the paragraph I find myself wishing to be that good of a writer. A writer who constantly writes and touches the life of many. But most of the time I get completely lost in my own words. Like this time. 

So here go a few paragraphs (written by Heidi Priebe) that really speak to me this morning. I hope this state of being lost only means that I will soon be found. 

If you are lost at twenty-three, you are exactly where you need to be right now. I know that it is not where you would like – stuck in the middle of uncertainty and failure and your own inconsistent desires. I know it’s not the place you thought you’d be when you screamed, “Cheers!” on your 20th birthday in anticipation of the next exciting decade. I know that you would rather be just about anywhere but here except you can’t figure out where to go and it is driving you slowly up the wall. I know what it’s like to be twenty-three and lost. I know that it’s the worst place on earth.

You are lost because you care. You’re lost because you’re passionate. You’re lost because you know that there is more inside of you than what you’re currently offering the world and that is a brilliant thing to know.

If you’re never lost you never get found.

And you’re the kind of person worth searching for.

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