Peer Pressured

Of all the milestones in your life, how many of those were the true calling from your heart?

The day you decided to smoke
The day you decided to make an Instagram account
The day you decided what school you wanted to go to
The day you decided to officially date someone

Were all of those important stages really what you wanted? Or were some of those merely driven by your surroundings?

Have you ever stopped for a second and noticed just how many things you did because a bunch of other people did it too? Were you at some point in your life pressured to make a decision to do something and you finally did just to feel accepted by the society?

Well the answer would be yes and yes for me.
A lot of choices I made in the past were results of me trying to fit in the normal category. A lot of actions were triggered by the society's definition of what a normal human being should do. And when I do something that are not inline with the popular opinion, or when people are doing things that I'm not doing I get a little insecure.

When I was little I thought at this age I would get my life together already. A lot of people my age are married, with kids, employed, and basically have their life figured out, it seems. And a lot of time I sit here and ask myself if I have lived life to the fullest? Or have I wasted too much time being afraid and not trying as much?

You may read this as another expression of fear and insecurity-for it might be. But I would like to see this as a wake up call for an old soul that lies within me. 

This year I pledge to live a life that needs no validation.
I want to do things that I truly believe are worth chasing, no matter what other people think about it. 
I want to understand myself at all time, a little bit more each and everyday.
I want to grow old knowing that the path that I take is the path that feels right to me.
I want to care less about what people do with their life and how they define happiness. 
And hopefully I can be the happiest version of myself by simply living by those rules.

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