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Sudah beberapa menit diri ini gundah gulana. Been thinking whether or not i should write about this stuff on here.
And I made up my mind to do so.

So this story is dedicated to a very good friend of mine. (I'm not going to mention any name but i hope one day he'll read this and know that its about him)

I met him in my junior year-not at school but through this exchange program we were with.
My first impression on him wasnt lovely at all. He seemed like someone i could talk to and hang out with for awhile but nothing like someone i would remember for the rest of my life.

We became a little closer, mostly because of the similar nicknames we both have.
And then a little more since we had to spend some time on orientation and stuff.

The D-day finally came around and we left for the U.S.
At that moment i was feeling kinda sad that we had to be apart from each other for one year and really i was just looking forward to see him again the following year.

I wasnt really expecting him to get a hold of me in the middle of that year.
He basically asked how i was doing and i became really happy that he cared.
I later found out that he asked how everybody was doing so i wasnt very flattered anymore :p

But then one night we got into this conversation-which he prolly wont remember.

He told me that he used to have a little crush on me back at the days.
Not anymore since he felt like i was more of a good friend.

Truth be told, i was kind of heartbroken.
I thought to myself, i was starting to like him a little more than just friends.

Anyway the days went by until it was time for us to return home.
I got the chance to spend some more time with him and this time we acted like we were a little more than just good friends-at least in my opinion.

The story went on until somehow we decided to make whatever it was between the two of us official.

I thought it would be easy to go through a relationship with him as we used to be such good friends.
But i was completely wrong.

The thing didnt last for more than five months, and to some people out there it prolly wasnt even as romantic as they expected to be.

We both decided to go on our own way separately.
We broke up for good and i never regret our decision.

We remain friends until today and hope that it will always be the same for the rest of our lives.

And even though i wont be able to see him for the next two or maybe four years, whatever this is we both have will always be a remarkable part of my life.

I've had a good chance to know him throughout these three years and i know that he will never change unless for good :')

So, to wrap this up
A prayer goes to a very special young man out there,
wherever life might take you in the future, i wish you the very best of luck!
I love you, as always :D

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