some weird excitement

So yeah I guess it's been awhile since the last post.
I'm doing good, it's almost my 9th month anniversary and i feel fabulous :)

It's been so hectic this time of year.
Spring is here ( well in Ohio, not sure about Alaska lol ), and i've been trying to get everything done before my time is up. A lot of things to do, a lot of places go, a lot of faces to see, even a lot more memories are waiting to be made.

Frankly it's getting kinda sad :/
I've never in my my life before felt this kind of weird excitement.
Thousands ( hehe ) people ask me :
So are you excited to go home?
And i'm like : Yeaaaahhhh i guess.

Okay, it's not like i dont wanna go home or anything.
to be honest ive been thinking about home a lot lately.
it's just a little sad thinking that i might not be able to come back here, for who knows how long.
Yet im really hoping that i'd get the chance to come back though.

Well, this is what life is all about i suppose.
To start something to eventually end it :(
I know i know it's mega cheesy.
but thats quite true, at least for me.

But i think, saying goodbye is not a choice, it's a gift.
by being away from someone or something, you know how amazing it is when youre with them.

Then one day your life will flash before your eyes, so make it worthwhile :D


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