defying gravity

Helloooooooo ah it's been forever since the last time i posted something so what's up everyone???
I've been good and life keeps getting better to me :)

March has became the busiest month ( so far ) in my exchange year for some good reason.
I spent almost every weekend being away from home.
Yes home, my American home ;)

I went to State House like 3 weeks ago and it was amazing how us ( the foreign exchange students group ) were busy taking pictures while the tour guide dude was explaining all about the building and the history ah good times.

Prom is coming soon so my girls and I went prom dress shopping 2 weeks ago and I got my dress! ah super excited!!!
I dont care if i have to go dateless because i know my girls are there for me.
We are planning to get a limo and have a bunch of girls to go together.
Prom could be fun too even without boys.

and last week i went to this State Conference for Thespian.
Thespian Club ( i think ) is just a fancy way to say Drama Club haha.
Yes drama.

I know you might wonder whats up with it
but let me tell you, me and drama are not a good couple.
To act, or to sing, or to dance.
To get in front of people and pretend that i feel something not real is not my thing.
So why?

Well first i was just randomly coming to the meeting because my host brother is the president of it but I started to like it as time went by.
Thats probably why i decided to try this.
That is also why i tried to try out for the spring musical at school ;)

I know i know i know......
Ah feel a little bit gay talking about this.
But whatever, last night was our first show and i had a blast :D
It's so amazing how our hard works for 2 months paid off when the audience were there watching and enjoying the show.
Taking a bow after show and get to talk to people and how they say something nice like,
"You did a great job!", or "That was awesome, kid!" are unbelievably fun !

So yeah one more life lesson from my exchange year :
You wont know what youre capable of until you try something you never thought you would be doing !

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