120809 - 121209

august 12 2009 :
i just got off the plane, i was wondering what kind of 'face' should i put on. but i didn't have enough time to think about it and there they were. my mom and my sister.

so i guess my face was like, umm dead? after spending too much time on the plane. haha.

it was super weird to realize that from that day on, i really had to speak in english no matter what. and, yeah as i said, it's weird.

i remember our first conversation was about how i was amazed to see the sky. monroe is that kind of small city in which all you can see is just corn field and sky. not even kidding ;)

september 12 2009 :
for some reasons i cried when i woke up that morning. i just turned 17, 5 days before and that morning i was thinking how my life had been like that month.

i won't lie that i used to cry every night on my first week. yeah call me crybaby or whatever. but that's the truth. i've never spent more than 3 days without my mom around before this 'journey'. so it was extremely hard to try to do everything on my own.

first day of school was terrible. i got lost like thousands times haha. i didn't know what to do at lunch. teachers spoke way too fast i felt like my head was going to explode or something.

bleh! one of the hardest days in my life.

october 12 2009 :
the excitement of homecoming was just ended.
october was amazing in many ways.
i loved how the whole community gathered in the football stadium every friday night
i had so much fun being the oldest one in the neighborhood to go trick or treating
i enjoy being the center of attention -somehow- as a foreigner
i started to have tons of friends, and that's pretty neat :)

november 12 2009 :
i was really tired and sick of all these matters. yeah that's pretty much my november felt like.
homesick was definitely there.
i missed mom, dad, innaz, friends, school, teachers, food, tv shows, hangin out, the traffic, EVERYTHING.

school began to be harder.

there were always days where i felt like i didn't belong here. the days where i was sooo looking forward to coming back home.

december 12 2009 :
the first thing that came up in my mind this morning was,
heck yes i guess i'm pretty good on being a foreign exchange student!

oh yeah, i heard so many wonderful things about spending a year abroad.
i've heard enough. i know it just fine now.

but on top of everything, there's definitely more than just having fun here.
it's not that fun, it's hard. yeah underline hard.
not hard, but HARD.

so i spent 10 minutes this morning to just sit here and thank god for everything i've been through so far. it's been amazing. all those good times, and bad times.
and i said to my self,
" what more could i ask for?"


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